Our Service

Grand Holz offers a wide range of Project Management and Furniture Production services,including:

  • Realization of your Vision

    We listen to our clients and strive for quality, innovation and professionalism in order to translate your vision into reality.  
  • Project Management

    Project planning that includes measuring the completed timeline, resource and budget management.
  • On-Site inspection

    Our project management team and technicians work with clients to visit and investigate the site in order to collect the first-hand survey data required by the production.
  • Tailor-made your Furniture

    In conjunction with our laser cutting machines, we can process diverse material based on your needs to create and customise your signage.
  • Uniformity of Shop Image

    With advanced machinery and experienced craftsmen support, we help you to maintain the uniform of worldwide shop image by manufacturing standardized assembly parts of furniture for you to deliver to your global outlets around the world.
  • Technical Problem Solving

    We have over 20 years of experience in the furniture manufacturing industry.  Our team’s high expertise and sound knowledge can help you solve any technical problem that may be of concern.
  • Fixture Installation

    We genuinely care about your furniture with full commitment to after sales service. Our installation crews are highly skilled professionals, well experienced in retail carpentry and installation providing appropriate support in any situation. 
  • Global Delivery

    We distribute our products timely in a professional manner to our worldwide customers according to your specific needs in your operating regions.
  • Maintenance service

    We genuinely care about your furniture. If your furniture have warranty issues, our professional technicians will promptly inspect and repair your furniture on site or provide a replacement.